GeoHawk v1.1.0 has been released. This is a significant update to the application with the major feature being support for trackables.

The major features in the release are:

  • Trackables can now be logged into and out of caches either independently or en-masse with geocache logs.
  • Trackables in caches (and their logs) can be downloaded when refreshing caches.
  • Trackables currently in your possesion can be retrieved.
  • Trackables currently in owned or active caches can be refreshed en-masse.
  • Added a menu option to reload all caches you own.
  • Encoded logs can now be decoded on the fly.

Many bugs were fixed and I made a lot of performance and usability improvements. The crash reported bugs fixed in this release are:

  • Fixed a crash report FC when logging in and rotating the device.
  • Fixed a crash report FC when attempting to display the map at my location when there are no location providers enabled.
  • Fixed a crash report FC when showing the manage database dialogs after re-entering the preferences activity.
  • Fixed a crash report FC when importing pocket queries.

Please leave comments and/or suggestions on the release.